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The House of Flowers / Munich Jewellery Week 2021

So glamorous it's unreal.
So devoted it's dangerous.
My world is shrinking, my visions are expanding.
Beauty, splendour, bloom.
Love, loyalty, blood.
I'm you, you're me, you're mine.
I'll always be there to protect you.
You're so beautiful, I love you.
You're so free, I hate you.
Balancing on the intersection of material, textual and digital, this project focuses on the inevitable complexity and ambiguity of family relationships. "When you’re sick, all you want to do is see your mom, even if you haven’t spoken to her in forty years," says one of the characters in the Mexican series La casa de las flores. Family ties are the strongest though the relationships are never painless and linear. What happens when family love and loyalty are being pushed to extremes? How far should one go to protect family fortunes, guard family honour, conceal family secrets?
In response to these questions I created two pieces of jewellery. The first one is a lady's knuckle duster; it fits comfortably into a female hand and adds tons of glamour to any after-party altercation or clan brawl. The second one is a pair of mismatched earrings ideal for a passionate, sensual heiress of a glamorous family floristry business.
LOYALTY – FAMILY, 18k gold, black rhodium plate, emeralds, pyrope garnets (digital render).
BLOOM BLOOD Mismatched Earrings
BLOOM BLOOD, 18k gold, black rhodium plate, emeralds, pyrope garnets, yellow diamonds, black obsidians, black diamonds (digital render).




The House of Flowers: Jewellery for the Eye and the Soul

digital exhibition for Munich Jewellery Week 2021

in cooperation with Loggia Munich

curated by Anna-Cara Keim