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RCA2024 | MA Jewellery and Metal Postgraduate Exhibition

Everything is process/ Creatures are not complete completed/ They wait/ they breathe/ they rest/ they incubate new/ What is coming is unknown and exciting electrifying exhilarating/ I want to be there when the new emerges/ Want to be part/ I am part/

Wires are instrumental/ They connect the objects to one another/ to us and our devices/ pull entangle them even tighter into the zoe/geo/techno assemblages/

Sound is instrumental/ It permeates bodies and spaces/ shifts dissolves the boundaries/ dynamically occupies space/ We enter other bodies with our sounds/ Other bodies permeate us with their sounds/ Sound extends our bodies into infinity/

As I interact with the creature objects we become entangled/ As matter transcends the familiar/ I realise the boundaries have always been unsharp/

My body partakes in the endless change/ familiarity becomes obsolete/ Shifting and entangled/ new brings itself into being/ Unstable excited breathing the same breath/ we groan and hatch together/

Rooted in the soil/ powered by the tide cycles under Battersea Bridge/ the project focuses on deconstructing human-centred hierarchies and engaging in boundary-dissolving practices through inviting the audiences to get involved with ambiguous installations of defamiliarised objects and sounds/ By shifting away from the human-focused perspective of reading the world/ from the familiar the repressive and the prescribed/ I want to explore the potential for more free and more just/ different/ exciting/ rich/ enriching/ sensuous and deeply stimulating life/




Swerve [1] and Swerve [2], experimental enamel on copper, found objects, 2024.

Z/G/T/H [2], experimental enamel on copper, sound, 2024.


Fold [4], experimental enamel on copper, 2024.

All work for sale at the exhibition.