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Delicate round, textured silver pendant with 2mm green sapphire | Imprint Collection | Margo Orlovik

MELANCHOLIA Pendant | Silver with Green Sapphire

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Born from curiosity and material experimentation, the IMPRINT Collection is joyful, dynamic and easy to wear. The designs combine minimal geometry of a square pattern with organic imperfection of hand-moulded wax to create elegant and confident jewellery pieces.

Each piece from the IMPRINT Collection was first carefully designed in wax, then cast in precious metal and finished by hand. Due to the nature of these processes the surfaces and edges of each piece will be unique. To learn more about my processes please have a look at my blog.

Materials: sterling silver, 2 mm green sapphire.

Gold plated version coming soon.

Dimensions: chain length - 16 or 18 inch (40.64 or 45.72 cm) , pendant total length - 15 mm, circle diameter - 9mm.

Weight: pendant - approx. 0.85 g.

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If made to order, the processing time will be 2 - 4 weeks.

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